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MY STORY – Most don’t understand having a dream and wanting it so badly that you work to do whatever it takes to get it. And when you get close, it’s great and you enjoy it but something is missing because you know it can be greater. So you let it go for the moment to take a step back, so you can take the steps forward to make it greater… So you work…you give it your all…you risk…you jump off of the ledge…you take everything you have and are and put into this dream. Because this dream consumes you, it is you, it is the reason God put you on the earth. Now most won’t understand this, because this dream hasn’t been put in them so they will never understand your passion, but it isn’t for them to understand. Because those of us who will give it all to make that dream come true are in the minority. We are the ones that other look at and wonder why would you choose this over the easy route. They won’t understand that you have a destiny for greatness and that drives you to do what other won’t. And you can’t stop and won’t because you know the reward will make these current troubles fade away. (This is just my story, ending yet to be written).