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This was a post from my fb, but thought it needed to be here too. :-).

The other day I had a lady come to me because she went to a nail salon and got an eyebrow and lip wax and they ripped off her skin, and she wanted advice on what to do. Her eyebrow wasn’t too bad, but the area on her lip had scabbed over. I gave her some advice on products to use on the area and how to make her makeup look better. This makes me sad, because this happens to so many women. So here’s the breakdown…. In Texas, (because other states could be different) unless they are a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician they are not licensed to perform waxing services. Their license should be posted with their picture, check it out before you let them do a service on you. You will run into this problem mostly at nail salons, they should have a cosmetologist there to perform waxing but if they don’t then LEAVE!!! It’s not worth it, I don’t care how cheap it is, (her excuse for not coming to me was my price was $5 more, but i havent ever ripprd off anyones skin :-/ ) because sometimes you get what you pay for. Also if you get your eyebrows done and they rip off skin, do not let them continue the service!!!! The lady I meet with could have avoided the skin being ripped off her lip if she would have just said stop!! You are paying for the service so if you feel it isn’t right don’t continue it. Just because they have a wax pot doesn’t mean you should let them wax you. :-).