I haven’t done too much writing lately due to life getting in the way. Isn’t it funny how that happens. How living gets in the way of living. My hours in the day have gotten less and I still do mainly the same things. But things coming along that I can’t control has made it so that my attention is not focused, its not on what it needs to be. But it’s time for that to change, to learn how to not let life get in the way. It’s a big task but we have to be willing to take it on. So now what am I wasting time on that could be repurposed for something more productive. 

When you work mainly from home this becomes a huge issue because wasting time becomes something you do without knowing you are doing it. You’re cleaning or folding laundry when it’s time to work and then of course, you need to sit and watch just one talk show, while you drink a cup of coffee. Which there is nothing wrong with that but when you do it more often than not you begin wasting time.  I find it most helpful when I set a time schedule, now to stay on it. Now to realize that the end goal is more important than that talk show in the middle of the work day. So now it’s time to refocus on the goals and use that wasted time to achieve them. So I’m going to practice this, practice not wasting time during the day and making every moment count. Now to see what I can achieve….