So my previous blog was about a moment I had with a kid about the movie ‘Inside Out’ and well apparently fire is catching and now adults have it. Tonight I walked down to pick up a pizza and the guy brings out my pizza and looks at me for a moment.

GUY 1: ‘Have you seen Inside Out?’

ME: (staring blankly cause of the moment I had last week) ‘No, but a kid at church told me he knew I was in it’

GUY 1: ‘Yea there is a character name Joy and you kinda sound like her.’

GUY 2: ‘You could be in a movie you’re really pretty.’

ME: (looking to the side) ‘Thanks.’

GUY 1: ‘Yea you should watch the movie. I like the name Joy it’s really pretty.’  

GUY 2: ‘Yea it is’

ME: (walking out really quickly) ‘Thank you, y’all have a good night.’ 

So I guess now I need to see this movie. Apparently I’m in it. Lol. These moments makes my life interesting.