Day 3 – Its Day 3 on Saturday, I’m up but dragging. I still can’t handle turning on all the lights. 😕 Doing that makes me a bit moody so I will stick to opening the blinds. I did realize that I forget to set out my clothes last night which is one of the things that I’m suppose to do. I did get out of bed with 15 minutes of waking up, so I did much better than I did yesterday.
One thing that I really think would help me on this journey would be a bedside Keurig. Now stay with me all of my non coffee drinkers. There is something about getting coffee in me that turns me into a different person. Those of you who drink coffee I know you understand. So if I could get to the coffee quicker, I could move quicker. 🤗 This is something I think I will consider, since they do have the smaller ones. 😊
So now it’s day 3 and about 7:30, and I’m almost done with what I planned to do this morning before 8 am which today was just to write this blog. Since it’s Saturday that was the only thing I scheduled for my early morning task. If you are joining me on this journey let me know how you are doing. I’ve heard for some of you and I really appreciate the encouraging words. I’m not sure if I will ever like getting up in the morning, but I’m feeling good about the fact that I can still get a few things done, during that time I usually waste.

Have a great Saturday!!