Day 4 – 4 days in and I’m staring to figure out what works best for me to do in the morning. So this quest to self improvement is so that I can use this time to be productive. But since I’m not at my best in the morning deciding what to put in that time is the key. I’ve learned that reading is not an option, I can’t concentrate well enough to read and comprehend.  
But I’ve discovered that if I already have the subject. I can write a blog post in the mornings with no problem. But If I have to think about what I’m going to write…. Well that’s when I decide that sleep would be better. 

So tomorrow I will be going live and my goal is to get moving. To see if early morning exercising will work well for me and by exercising I mean walking. Because I don’t do exercising well, but I can walk and walking is moving, and moving is a good thing. 😊. I am determined to figure out the best use of this early morning time (10 1/2 hours a week) This is doable, now it’s time to do.