I have friends tell me all the time that I should write a blog. Some think I should because they believe I live this fabulous life surrounded by men, which is so not true. And some think I should because I have the most odd ball things happen to me, which is very true.

I think it’s just because I have such wonderful clients and friends in my life that come from all walks of life, so when you combine that with my personality.. Things are going to happen… So what will find in this blog… Stuff about dating and lack thereof… Stories about my wonderful clients…. Randomness…. Stories about my dreams and hopes…. and discussions of my faith.

I hope this blog makes you laugh, think, feel thankful, think at least that didn’t happen to me, give you hope, and maybe even inspire you a little. Enjoy


***Warning – part of my job is Brazilian waxing so the word vagina is a part of my every day language. If this make you a little nervous you may want to skip over anything labeled ‘Client’***


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